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Our specialty destinations

Short Term Group Experts
Wholesale rates to most Foreign Destinations
Reliable Service since 1989
Discounted rates on dozens of Airlines
Easy access via toll free phone or e-mail


We offer discounted, missionary and/or humanitarian airfares to every nation in Africa.   Our best fares are routinely to the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia and South Africa.  Other  African nations we commonly book are Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.  Many of our tickets to the above destinations offer three free checked bags per person, flexible payment terms, and free date changes on the return trip, subject to availability.


Our agency has been selling Asian destinations for over 20 years, and our relationships with many of the Asian airlines are excellent.  That means we can often offer the best airlines in Asia (Singapore Air, Cathay Pacific, Malaysian Air) for rates lower than some of the lower-quality airlines.  Also, for our clients who need the absolute cheapest tickets available, we work closely with some of the newer Chinese airlines, which often have extremely low fares to China and beyond.  Our most popular Asian destinations are China, Thailand, The Philippines, Nepal, Cambodia and Indonesia


Nowadays, it’s pretty easy to book flights to the major European hubs…London, Paris, Rome.  Our expertise is putting together multi-destination trips…especially to smaller cities.  We also work extensively to eastern Europe (especially Romania and Ukraine) and Russia…with excellent fares and special terms on missionary fares.


The flight options to India have multiplied over the past few years…with many new airlines and cities available. We enjoy serving your ticket needs to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai...and we can usually offer connecting flights to smaller cities for a few dollars more.

If you have shopped for airfare to Central and South America, you have probably noticed lots of options on airlines that most people have never heard of.  Which one’s are good?  Which should be avoided?   Some are great, with low penalties and better baggage allowances…others, not so much.  Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll help you sort it all out.

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